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Ode to Roy Greenslade

October 26, 2011 Leave a comment
Roy Greenslade

Roy Greenslade: Trust me, I'm a professor

Hypocrisy flows as freely through Fleet Street as the river Fleet that give it its name once flowed (before it got clogged with human and animal effluent, bodies, shopping trolleys and the 18th-century equivalent of copies of Heat and the Evening Standard).

But there is cheerful Fleet Street hypocrisy and there’s cynical hypocrisy which reveals a nastier side of the writer’s soul: the latter being the sort that makes you want to physically deposit human effluent and shopping trolleys over what you have just read.

Tonight’s Evening Standard provides just such an example of the latter, with the Pythia of Journalism, Roy Greenslade, pontificating thusly under the headline “Why I believe it’s all over for James Murdoch”:

Rupert Murdoch’s son James is a busted flush…[bore, fart etc…much stuff about the House of Commons media select committee. Finally…] At every turn, the name of James Murdoch will continue to feature in headlines. He cannot run and he cannot hide. His game is well and truly up.”

Well, OK. If you say so Roy. Those of us with a longer memory of yesterday’s chip wrapper (and indeed can remember when newspapers were allowed to be yesterday’s chip wrapper) recall times when your antagonism toward Murdoch had a slightly more, er, financial angle.

So here, with apologies to Lewis Carroll, is a little poem:

“You are old, Father Greenslade,” the young man said,

“And with Robert Maxwell you once were so tight;

Yet you stand on your head to attack Murdoch J. —

Do you think, at your age, it is right?”

What is it about Freedom of Speech that Greenslade doesn’t understand?

June 8, 2010 Leave a comment
Helen Thomas

Helen Thomas: "Have I had my tea yet?"

The Pythia of Journalism™, Roy Greenslade, has worked himself into a right old huffingtonpost about the furore over “doyenne of the White House press corps” Helen Thomas and her remarks about Jews in Israel.

While graciously if condescendingly conceding that Thomas’s comments that the Jews should “get the hell out of Palestine” and go “home” to Germany and Poland were “quite simply, a disgraceful, thoughtless and indefensible” and that, at 89, Thomas had had “a long run, after all”, it’s not that she’s been fired by Hearst that has him jumping up and down on his Guardian soapbox waving his Comment is Freedom Pass: Read more…