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On Jimmy Savile

October 13, 2012 1 comment
Lolita poster

Waiting for you, Jimmy…

If only Vladimir Nabokov were alive at this time. The BBC could ask his opinion about Sir Jimmy’s antics.

That said, Bill Wyman’s still around, isn’t he? I know he’s more into older artefacts these days, being interested in archaeology and selling metal detectors and all, but I’m sure he could provide a few interesting anecdotes about the time when he was interested in uncovering fresher meat than Roman Republic Silver Denarius coins.

Rod Liddle explains himself at last

July 7, 2010 Leave a comment
Picture of Rod Liddle in the Guardian

Rod Liddle Mark I

At the Spectator, Rod Liddle has been explaining his political philosophy to the confused masses:

I sign up to most of the stuff which used to be considered left – decent minimum wage, redistributive tax policy, social ownership of those things which as a society we need but which the market struggles to provide (trains, utilities, council housing and the like).

Rod Liddle brunette

Rod Liddle Mark II

So far, so good. Ticks all the boxes of yer typical metro-bovine-lefty, then. But hold on…there’s something missing. Shouldn’t he “care passionately about the BBC but think it’s lost its way” to complete the set?

Oh yes, he does. Phew!

Personally, I think Rod’s philosophy would appear more coherent if he didn’t keep changing his fright wigs for every different publication he appears in.

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