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It’s doomed…doomed, I tell ye!

August 4, 2010 Leave a comment
Newsweek 'sold for $1'

Newsweek: Yours for a buck

Now why doesn’t this surprise me?

Full story here at the PeeGee.

By way of an I-told-you-so, my previous thoughts on the decline of a once mighty newsweekly are here.

(And by way of extra schadenfreude, wasn’t Newsweek the publication which a year ago told us to forget the Great in Britain because, as its insightful “thought leader” analysis informed us, it  didn’t have an empire any more? Oh yes, so it was…)

The cooling world of Newsweek

July 10, 2010 1 comment
graph from Newsweek

This is either (a) a graph from Newsweek's famous "The Cooling World" article of 1975, or (b) a Newsweek sales graph

“He [Jon Meacham] ignored the truth that the old newsmagazine editors lived by: journalists who write to satisfy people like themselves will soon run out of readers.”

An excellent piece at by Andrew Ferguson looks at the slow, lingering death of Newsweek, once an almighty titan in the newsmagazine stakes, a serious, heavyweight rival of Time and The Economist.

It’s a story of  greed, unbridled ambition, lust for glory, journalistic narcissism, the unprincipled forgetting of basic first principles and lots of sweaty, kinky sex.

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