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Twitter ye not!

August 4, 2010 Leave a comment

(Part 1 of our exclusive, blockbusting, circulation-and-click boosting serialisation of How To Keep A Low Profile, by Max Clifford.)

According to the Guardian:

Twitter follower of Kanye West

Steve Holmes: "It’s crazy. I’m getting messages from people I don’t even know."

In other news:

  • Stop following me, says Kanye’s Twitter friend – The Independent
  • Kanye explain why it’s me – The Sun
  • Rap star Kanye West follows one Coventry man on Twitter – BBC
  • Coventry teen who is Kanye West’s only Twitter friend has ‘no desire for fame’ – Telegraph
  • Fame is a vacuous thing, says Steven Holmes – Topnews
  • Kanye West twitters ‘causing unprecedented global warming’, by Ben Webster – The Times

etc, etc, etczzzz

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