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The Sun’s donkey punch

July 23, 2010 Leave a comment
Sun donkey front page

The Sun: Insert mulish pun here

Following today’s Sun front page, quite a few bloggers have resurrected the tale from Fleet Street’s heyday about Blackie the donkey, such as this one on Jon Slattery and this one from Gentlemen Ranters (scroll down to the bottom).

Suffice to say, the Sun, like most things pachydermic, never forgot the kicking it got then and has always kept its donkey alert radar finely-tuned, especially during the silly season.

A just a couple of points to note: the whole Blackie episode inspired the title of comedy newsroom series Drop the Dead Donkey, and that Blackie lived out his life at the Donkey Sanctuary in Sidmouth, Devon , where he died in 1993.

A Passion for Donkeys

Essential bedtime reading for keilophiliacs

The sanctuary’s founder, Elisabeth D Svensen once published a book entitled A Passion for Donkeys  – “A celebration of the donkey – its habits, its physical well-being, even its breeding”.

I know, because I was working at a magazine at the time and received a review copy of it.

I forget whether it had anything about Blackie in it or not, I just remember featuring it prominently to our baffled readers because of its title.