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Phone hacking and phoney hacks

July 29, 2011 Leave a comment

From Rod Liddle, in the latest Spectator:

I felt, as we all rounded with glee upon the MPs two years ago, that sooner or later [journalists] would cop it, a feeling of foreboding compounded by my trade’s astonishingly sanctimonious outrage that we were having a privacy law imposed upon us by judges.

Read the whole thing: it’s rather fine.

Where SASSIES come from

March 8, 2011 Leave a comment

Typo on Spectator's blog

The Guardian goes cherry-picking

June 30, 2010 Leave a comment
Guardian headline about job cuts

Up to a point, Lord Copper

I will leave it to the more knowledgable bean-counting bloggers such as here to point out the errors of today’s more-egregious-than-ever front page Guardian splash.

Briefly, what the Speccie et al point out that the Guardian has only picked up on the 1.3m job losses the Treasury predicts in the public sector, but ignores the 2.5m job gains predicted in the private sector.

No newspaper or any other media outlet is immune from cherry-picking to back up its arguments, of course. But while we usually write off such tactics in the Sun, Mirror and Mail as typical tabloid excess, it’s more worrying when it appears in a front page lead in a newspaper of so-called record.

But then you remember that the Guardian is yer go-to-guy when it comes to public sector employment vacancies, particularly of the “Community Space Challenger Co-ordinator” and “Inclusivity Totem-pole Artist” sort.

Not that that would sway it one way or t’other, would it?

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