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Angela Merkel bullies bankers, launches media fad word

May 31, 2010 Leave a comment
Angela Merkel

Merkel: The Existential Chancellor

Well, it won’t be the first time in history that someone’s said this, but really, it’s all the German Chancellor’s fault.

On May 19, as the Greek euro crashed and burned, the Times reported Chancellor Angela Merkel “after introducing the short-selling ban and a new tax on banks … said: ‘This challenge is existential and we have to rise to it. The euro is in danger’.”

Existential? Existential?? Read more…

The Swineageddon Industry – An Update

September 23, 2009 Leave a comment

“Swine flu ‘could kill millions unless rich nations give £900m'” the Observer’s “investigations editor” Rajeev Syal breathlessly reported on Sunday. This revealed that in a masterpiece of the investigative churnalism we have come to know and love from the Observer these days, Mr Syal had uncovered a press release from WHO (“leaked to the Observer”) which promises that “the swine flu pandemic could kill millions and cause anarchy in the world’s poorest nations”.

Blimey! Millions dying and anarchy reigning in the third world, eh? Who’d have thought? We’ll have to put a stop to that! But how? Read more…