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NOTW: Guido says never say goodbye (sort of)

Isn’t the internet wonderful? It’s amazing the links it throws up, seemingly randomly, but often to an extent you wonder whether there’s some evil Blofeld-type mind behind it, pulling the strings of the Matrix in the devious way his fluffy white cat might play with a mouse.

For instance, Guido’s story tonight on the cover of the last edition of  the NOTW there was carried an ad for this book on its right hand sidebar:

Screenhot of Guido Fawkes website

Uhhh, cue The Communards, sort of

Never Say Goodbye, eh? According to the Irish Independent:

Former journalist Linda Kavanagh’s experience as a writer and observer comes through in this, her fifth novel, exploring the self-perpetuating nature of bullying and the lasting effect it can have on young lives. Alternating between past and present, Never Say Goodbye draws the reader into a web of deceit and suspense. It keeps the pages turning right up to the denouement, which comes as an unexpected and horrific climax. If you are a fan of Jodi Picoult, this one’s for you.

I thought Staines had built up a successful mega-business selling ad space on websites? He hasn’t just been using Google ads like the rest of us nerds all along, has he? But maybe Guido has actually specifically placed this ad on this page with this story? If so, what exactly is he trying to tell us?

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