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Hypocrisy’s more fun in your No. 1 Sun!

The Dark Lords of Wapping spaketh from on high, and the world duly trembles. Apparently, guests detained at Her Majesty’s pleasure have been availing themselves of the various human rights and compensation gubbins introduced by the last Labour government, which – correct me if my memory is faulty – enjoyed a fairly lengthy measure of support from the likely lads and lasses of Wapping until things went economically pear-shaped before the last election.

The Sun says, June 27 2011

Shocking really...

But it’s not just the Porridge-stirrers who are benefitting from “our crazy compensation culture”. In the same edition (June 27, 2011) of The Sun, on the highly lucrative solus advertising spot of the back page, we have this:

Have you worked with vibrating tools compensation ad

Vibrating tools? Ooo-err, missus!

I’ve left in the contact details of the ad in case any Sun staff feel they might have been damaged working with “Vibrating Tools” over the last couple of years, and have suffered pins & needles, numbness, alarming “white patches” etc since.

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