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Heff leaves Torygraph ‘to pursue journalism’

Simon Heffer to leave Telegraph

Heff decides to leave it, not lump it

His words, apparently. Well, according to the Guardian, anyway:

Simon Heffer, the formidable Daily Telegraph columnist and ever vigilant scourge of style guide transgressions, is leaving the paper to “pursue a role in journalism and broadcasting”.

So he leaves a national broadsheet daily to “pursue journalism”. Fascinating, and perhaps careful,  choice of words. But he expects to find that  in…broadcasting?!?!?

Say it ain’t so, Heff.

UPDATE: Actually, I think I espy a job opportunity here. I’m going to email Tony Gallagher and offer my services as the Toryguff’s new style guide guru. “Last week we referred to a baronet as a ‘peer of the realm’. Please note that baronets are not peers, but gentry, as are knights”…yeah, I’m pretty damned hot on that sort of stuff. I think I can include about 200-odd references from my last employment who would back my application.

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