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Friday on my mind

Apologies for the curtailment of activity on this blog: I’ve been sent on a 13-week course by JobCentre Minus which means my access to WordPress is severely limited at present.

But that doesn’t mean I don’t have time to serve up your weekly dose of Friday-blues-busting trivia from the interwebs, such as:

Scaffolding around George Washington statue

The father of a nation gets a make-over: See Incredible scaffolding

10 interesting and unusual Wikipedia articles; A real-life Star Wars Imperial Walker – from 1969; 15 things you should know about sperm; Social media explained; Now why did these never catch on?; How to piss off your mates on Facebook; Deep sea aliens*; Now why can’t all flash mobs be as organised like this? Before and after photos with a difference; Kittens dressed as hot dogs eating, er, hot dogs. Um…why? Creating a football pitch on a floating village; So unlike the homelife of our own dear Daybreak;  Incredible scaffolding; Eye-opening cave photos by Phil Wolstenholme; The periodic table of Typefaces; In TV news, reality imitates art and things are just like before, only louder and even more ludicrous (and no doubt with a follow-up  DVD release soonest).

* dailymail.co.uk is fast becoming the go-to place for excellent photo-essays such as this. I also really liked this one. Oh, and this one too.

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