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Of paedophilia and typefaces

The Guardian, as is its wont, wishes us to get aerated about Gwyneth Paltrow singing an old Gary Glitter song, Do You Wanna Touch Me, in a forthcoming episode of the 25 fps saccharine that is Glee.

“So should the crimes or misdemeanours of a performer or artist change how we consume their work?” it worries. “Where do we draw the line on whose art it is still acceptable to consume?”

In the middle of the usual ban-this, nationalise-that statism which passes for debate in the Comment is Free columns, there is this gem:

11 March 2011 2:55PM
I am typing this in Gill Sans.
Does that answer your question?

“Eh?” you may be thinking. “What’s a famous and much-despised kiddy-fiddler got to do with a well-known and oft-used typeface?”

Well, this, since you ask.

(H/T Tim Worstall)

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