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Friday on my mind

UP! House hoisted by small balloons

Life imitates art etc: The UP! house sails away (Pic: National Geographic Channel)

Things to do on the interwebs while waiting for the final whistle:

Amazing fake trailer for ET sequel which doesn’t exist*; WHEEEEEEEE! How you escape a NASA space capsule pre-launch (yes, it’s genuine); Willy Wonka’s Tunnel of Hell – backwards (oddly, they all sound a bit German); One for local news reporters: Things to do while sitting on the press bench during boring council meetings; Why aliens always fail to invade Earth; insects really close-up; You gotta Taser? Well, bud, I gotta LASER!; The worst car movies EVAH; Bach’s Toccata and Fugue in D minor – played on musical glasses; Organising the bookcase; Titan and Saturn’s incredibly thin rings; great photos of world’s rare birds; UP! up and away – in real life; Inventor, professional ice skater, magician, barrel jumper, unicyclist, fire-eater, flea circus proprietor, and the European whistling champion – a life packed with incident; In case you missed it – Mitchell & Webb: Grammar Nazi.

* Yes, I know this is a viral pitch for a movie, but I offer it to you anyway. If this movie is made, my bowels tell me all the worthwhile parts are all included in this “trailer”. So I’ve saved you about £12 (given current inflation rates) in the year 2012 when this ridiculous tosh comes out in the cinema, because you can rightly claim you’ve seen it. Of course, none of you will be thankful. Surly curs.

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