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Normal service is resumed again (really)

Following the disruption of moving house,I thought I was all ready to get blogging again. What I didn’t factor in was that my new flat’s web access was via Tiscali (or DorkDork, as I believe they call themselves now). To say that DorkDork’s broadband service is as useful as tits on a bull is to seriously libel bulls and, indeed, tits. When the server wasn’t in a snitch (and it usually was), the speed was so slooooow I may as well have been using an old 56k dial-up modem.

Having lost several blog posts and on-line job applications when the server connection suddenly dropped midway through, I finally decided enough’s enough and persuaded the powers-that-be (ie, the landlord) to take up Virgin’s introductory offer. Which he has. So the tenants get fast and reliable wireless broadband speeds and he gets more TV channels than he ever got on his old clapped-out OnDigital box (I didn’t know they existed any more).

So the Louse is itchin’ and the Flea is jumpin’ once more.

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