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Why does the Telegraph pay for illiterate buffoons*…

…and I’m still unemployed?

From today’s Telegraph:

Telegraph headline "Five men shot in pre-planned attack"

As opposed to post-planned, then

From the OED:

verb ( planned |plønd|, planning |plønɪŋ|) [ trans. ]1 decide on and arrange in advance : they were planning a trip to Egypt | [with infinitive ] he plans to fly on Wednesday | [ intrans. ] we plan on getting married in the near future. See note at intend .• [ intrans. ] make preparations for an anticipated event or time : we have to plan for the future.2 design or make a plan of (something to be made or built) : they were planning a garden.

Since the element of precedence is already within the word “planned”, you don’t need pre- before it (see “pre-arranged”, “pre-prepared” et al makes you sic). Look it up in your Funk & Wagnalls, you chimps.

* The illiterate buffoons, of course, reside and work in Australia, where the Telegraph outsourced its web subbing last year. It probably would have been cheaper to hire a literate Kiwi over here in London than to waste foreign exchange subsidising the tinnie-downing activities of a bunch of nescient convict-descendants fooling around in their budgie-smugglers.

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