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Big day for Ken’s mate

Guardian article

Wake me up before you hu-go: Guardian

Today is Venezuelan Independence Day, and no doubt Ken Livingstone’s good mate Hugo Chavez will be celebrating in style.

He should enjoy it while he can. Apart from his associated corrupt henchmen, heads of goon squads and other assorted “progressives”, it’s probably few other Venezuelans have much to celebrate. As Tim Worstall notes, when even the Guardian notices a socialist revolution has made the food supply go tits-up, your days are probably numbered.

What many people don’t figure as a root cause of Venezuela’s problems is: it is insanely jealous of Bolivia.

Venezuela, like Bolivia, was “liberated” by Simon Bolivar, as were Colombia, Panama, Ecuador and Peru.

Statue of Simon Bolivar

Adam Smith fan: Simon Bolivar (Photo: Guillermo Ramos Flamerich)

Here’s a picture of the great man who, Hugo may be interested to learn, was not only a freemason but carried a copy of Adam Smith’s The Wealth of Nations around with him.

It’s in the Plaza Bolivar, in Bolivar City, Bolivar State. Which is in Venezuela. Where the currency is the bolivar. And whose full name is República Bolivariana de Venezuela – the Bolivian Republic of Venezuela.

Trouble is, Bolivar liberated Bolivia in 1809 and didn’t get around to Venezuela until 1821, so Bolivia had first dibs on his name.

And Venezuela (“little Venice”) had to be content being named after a gentrified part of chi-chi London notorious for its arty-farty floating galleries, over-priced restaurants and fat, misguided tourists. Which understandably Venezuela hates.

No wonder Hugo is always so shouty when you see him.

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