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First, bedeck your own house with a logo

Good Housekeeping logoIn his blog today, the Pythia of Journalism ™ urges his readers to click to this article by Jim Barnett on the NeimanLab site, saying:

Barnett argues that “journalism non-profits could use something like a Good Housekeeping seal”… It is “a test of relatively simple, objective standards to which compliance could be demonstrated plainly.”He believes that the seal would indicate in a public way that the outlet was “making every effort to produce reporting that qualifies as journalism.”

Nodding approvingly, Greenslade then goes on to appropriate the idea on behalf of the PPC, saying reports of its decisions should carry a similar Good Housekeeping Seal or Kitemark.

A pretty idea – as a layout sub I’m all for any number of graphical widgets to liven up a page, whether in print or on the web.

But I fear by applying this idea only to PCC adjudications, Greenslade is setting his aim too low. After all, Barnett’s idea is that all not-for-profit news websites should carry a seal of good newskeeping logo.

Including this one.

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