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Now, exactly what sort of journalist are you after?

Having been in the job-hunting game for nigh on a year, I’ve come across all sorts of curiously, even bafflingly, worded vacancy ads, not all of them in MediaGuardian.

But this one on Gumtree leads you right up a proverbial one (gumtree, that is). Since I can’t believe Gumtree moderators (if there are any) are going to let it stand for long, here’s a screengrab:

Ad on Gumtree

Nice work if you can get it...whatever it is

I guess the type of “journalist” this chap is after – and I think it’s more than evens that it is a chap – is given away by the Sex Discrimination Act-busting use of the word “lady” in the job title and the line “Pls write and send something about you ….. A CV, photo may be later B4 meeting”. I get the feeling a photo would be appreciated more than the usual two pages of A4 detailing your educational qualifications and your responsibilities during that two-week work experience at the Ealing Gazette.

Still, beggars can’t be choosers and it may be worth a bash. After all, the skills required aren’t too onerous. Just “English or another language”.

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