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Horses for courses at the Times

From the Times:

Jamie Baulch, the Olympic silver medal-winning relay sprinter, is to race against a horse for charity. The man v horse event over 100 metres, which takes place on June 30 at Kempton Park racecourse, Surrey, is believed to be the first of its kind.

What, the first one ever? I think not. I came across the Man Versus Horse Marathon some years ago – it’s an annual event that’s been held in Wales for nearly 30 years.

Instead of just relying on the press release, why didn’t the Times churnalist (cunningly going under the nom de folie of “Home Staff”) just do a Google – who knows, he or she might have picked up on this fairly lengthy Wikipedia entry.

I thought that these days they taught nothing but Googling in journalism colleges. If they’re not even teaching that, gawd help us.

♣ UPDATE: The ever-alert Tim Worstall has picked up on this story, and notes that Jesse Owens took up racing horses to earn money after the Berlin Olympics.

ANOTHER UPDATE: Llinos Mair Jones on Sly Dai (that’s the rider and horse) beat Haggai Chepkwony (human) by 10 minutes at the 2010 race in Llanwrtyd Wells. The Sun had it that Chepkwony was “pipped” by Sly Dai, which is a fairly loose use of “pipped”, even for the boys at Wapping.

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